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Pastors across the United States delivered sermons to empty pews

The impact of the coronavirus is challenging the ability for all faith-based organizations to continue to engage, support and ease the fear of their parishioners and members. The restrictions placed on group gatherings takes away the ability to attend traditional in-person services including mass, prayer and worship. This presents significant challenges for churches, temples, synagogues and mosques that are looking for creative and cost-effective ways to connect with members outside of the four walls. TVU can help

•TVU makes it easy, fast and cost-effective for houses of worship to bring the worship experience to an online audience with high-quality and/or multiple camera live video using its TVU Anywhere and TVU Producer solutions. The TVU Anywhere app turns any Apple or Android mobile device or Apple computer into a live high-quality video streaming transmitter using all available cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. Download the simple and easy to use free app and start streaming.

With its intuitive user interface, TVU Producer allows anyone to use one or more TVU Anywhere live streams and do high quality live video production without needing extensive training. Reach your parishioners or members wherever they may be as TVU Producer supports live video sharing to multiple social media platforms such as Facebook Live and your website. There’s no expensive or complicated hardware equipment to purchase since it’s all cloud and Internet based.

Houses of worship around the world have relied for many years on TVU to reach members online. Read how the Archdiocese of San Antonio extended its reach and flexibility with TVU, and how a Catholic Parade was shared live on Facebook using TVU Anywhere and TVU Producer.

Religious leaders want to shield their congregations from the coronavirus and at the same time want to keep them connected with faith while they are at home.

Houses of Worship have specific needs


Many faith institutions have certain challenges 
  • Limited Budgets
  • Few Personnel 
  • Easy Operability 
  • Simple and reliable means to engage

TVU Solution

TVU makes it easy, fast and cost-effective for houses of worship to bring the worship experience to an online audience with its proven solutions
  • TVU Anywhere
  • TVU Producer

TVU Producer 


  • No expensive equipment needed to broadcast to an online congregation

  • Delivers ultra low latency solution with public internet      

  • Easy to use and no training needed

  • Cloud delivers both scale and performance 

  • Easy to add more production capability (if needed) in the cloud

  • Easy collaboration and remote contribution

  • Secure

TVU Anywhere Benefits

  • High quality video

  • Convenient 

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Secure 

  • Stream in full HD like a professional

  • Back up video recording 

  • Remote Pan and Zoom 

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Picture in Picture

  • Simultaneous streaming and recording 

  • Simple and reliable distribution 

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