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Enlighten Digital

4403 Vineland Rd., Suite B6

Orlando, FL  32811

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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Enlighten Digital, LLC

4403 Vineland Road, Suite B6

Orlando, FL 32811

Ph:  844-436-5444





  •  Since all equipment sold to a customers is purchased by Enlighten Digital, LLC specifically for that customer, all sales are final.

  • The customer is responsible for all costs required to provide the equipment to the customer including but not limited to freight and delivery charges, installation, training, non-warranty repair and maintenance, taxes, and tariffs unless exempted in writing by Enlighten Digital, LLC.

  • All returns are subject to manufacturer and management approval and a minimum of a 20% restocking fee.  All requests for returns must be received in writing no later than 30 days of receipt date.

  • The only warranties in effect are those stated in writing by the manufacturer of the equipment unless stated in writing by Enlighten Digital, LLC.

  • Enlighten Digital, LLC retains a security interest in all equipment it sells until the invoice for that equipment is paid in full.


Payments and Collections:


  • Enlighten Digital, LLC may require a down payment or payment in full before shipping equipment to a customer.

  • All invoices are due immediately upon receipt unless a customer has applied for and been granted terms and an open account.

  • All customers agree to pay 1.5% interest per month (18% per annum) or the maximum interest permitted by law for all past due accounts.  Should Enlighten Digital, LLC have to secure the services of a collection agency or attorney to collect past due payments, the customer agrees to pay for all collection costs including attorney fees whether a suit is brought or not.

  • The laws of the State of Florida will prevail in all matters pertaining to payments and collections.


Any questions about our terms and conditions call 844-436-5444 and ask for accounting.