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September 8, 2018

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IQGBX40..12G Gearbox and Converter for UHD-4K SDI signals

November 22, 2016


The IQGBX40 provides interfacing between quad-link and 12G single link UHD-4K signals, and format conversion between SD or HD SDI signals and UHD-1 4K in either quad-link 3G or single link 12G standards. IQGBX40 uses high quality conversion technology allowing SD or HD signals to be upconverted and re-assembled seamlessly for broadcast applications, or alternatively UHD-4K production to be down converted for use on mainstream HD channels. Handling both quad-link and 12G I/O means that the IQGBX40 can gearbox quad-link UHD signals to or from a single link transport thereby saving on cabling overhead and avoiding potential timing issues.



• Interfacing between quad-link and 12G single link UHD-1 4K signals with two dedicated 12G outputs available

  • Selectable up, down and cross conversion for UHD-4K (single or quad link SQ or 2SI modes)/HD/SD-SDI inputs with input format detection

  • SDI input and output crosspoint routing for link swapping in quad link applications

  • Integrated Fiber I/O support via SFP module to ST297M 2015, data rates up to 12Gbps supported

  • User variable static aspect ratio conversion with 40 programmable display memories – xed selection (9 presets), including pan, tilt and zoom functions with pixel accurate control

    • Aspect ratio control using SMPTE 2016 AFD signalling (reading and writing)

  • Automatic color space conversion – ITU 601, ITU 709 (SMPTE-274)

  • 16-channel embedded audio with SDI link selection, and delay to match the video signal

  • Input Loss Detection – Cut to Black or Pattern

  • Test pattern generator selectable between 100% bars and black

  • Remote Status Monitoring – Input standard, Reference Status and CRC error checking

  • 16usermemories

    Why should you choose this module?

    • Translatequad-link4Ksignalsintosinglelink12Gwork owsandhandle repurposing of 4K content for HD applications

    • FullRollCallandSNMPcompatibilityallowseasyintegrationwithSAM or third party network management systems providing an all-inclusive monitoring and control solution 


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