The Shure ULXS14/85 is a wireless lavalier microphone system that brings reliable transmission and high-quality audio to presenters, performers, clergy, and instructors. In addition to the portable ULXS4 receiver, this configuration features the ULX1 bodypack transmitter and the WL185 cardioid lavalier microphone. The system is suitable for lecture halls, conference rooms, and houses of worship as well as performance spaces, musical stages, theaters, and more. 

The ULXS4 receiver features a plastic, half-rack-size chassis that is simple to use. The receiver's auto-scan function searches a 36 MHz UHF tuning range with 1440 selectable frequencies available, seeking out a clean channel for clear, interference-free transmission. Manually enter the selected frequency into the transmitter and you're up and running. If the RF environment changes and interference is heard, simply rescan with the receiver and set the transmitter to the new frequency.

The included WL185 lavalier microphone offers a cardioid polar pattern and is optimized for speech intelligibility. The bodypack transmitter provides up to 8 hours of operation on a 9V battery and a transmission range up to 300'. The unit offers a TA4M input with an adjustable input level.

The system can be expanded to allow up to 40 wireless mics to operate simultaneously in the same space.

Shure ULXS14/85 Wireless Cardioid Lavalier Microphone System (G3: 470 to 506 MHz

SKU: ULXS14/85-G3