The Decimator Design DMON-16SL is a low cost miniature (3G/HD/SD)-SDI 1 to 16 Channel Multi-Viewer and a truly portable converter, that incorporates our new easy to use LCD and button control system. This gives you easy access to most of the amazing features without using complicated LED/button control, dip switches or having to carry around a computer to change a simple setting.

UCP (USB Control Panel) Version 2.0.6 Released for both the Mac OS X and Windows 32/64-bit: Support added for 3G level B.The 3G output level of either A or B, can be selected on units with SDI outputs. This allows for easy conversion between 3G level A or B.
The DMON-16SL also now has custom UMDs.

For the latest USB Control Panels visit Decimator's website.

Decimator Designs DMON-16SL 16 Channel 3G/HD/SD -SDI to HDMI Multiviewer


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