Canare cable cements its leadership position in the industry move to 8K and 4K infrastructures with the L-CUHD Series of 12G-SDI coax cables. The Canare L-5.5CUHD is 75 ohm 12G-SDI video coaxial cable featuring highly-foamed PE insulation to bring unprecedented improvement in attenuation characteristics. L-5.5CUHD is Canare's RG6 equivalent coax featuring a 16 AWG center conductor with a 0.303" O.D. and it supports up to 330 feet of 12G-SDI signal transmission.

Multi-layer insulation, with each layer given a different foaming ratio, increases cable strength for the most demanding installations. Canare L-5.5CUHD delivers excellent results in most demanding tests including flame resistance UL 1666 Riser rating. 

Canare 12G-SDI 75 ohm precision digital video cable offers the professional Broadcaster a high performance, 100% Sweep Tested, low cost, low loss coax that meets the demands of today's facility migration to the highest Serial Digital Video and HDTV bandwidth requirements.

Canare has also introduced the BCP-D55UHD BNC Connector the to ensure minimal return loss while using these cables.

Canare L-5.5CUHD 12G-SDI 75 OHM Video Coaxial Cable - 984ft Roll

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