Canare's BCP-D55UHD is their most advanced BNC plug that was developed for use with their 12G-SDI UHD video coax cable the L-5.5CUHD. The return loss at 12 GHz is 15 dB, 26 dB @ 3 GHz and 20 dB @ 6 GHz. The installation work on the cable is a crimp method which enables quick and reliable machining to go along with its Long sleeve shape, insulator locking mechanism, etc.

Part of the Canare BCP-D Series of high quality 75 Ohm BNC crimp plug connectors, the Canare BCP-D55UHD is rated for all SMPTE ST-2082-1, 424M & 292M applications to confidently transmit 12G-SDI bit-rates in 4K video production. Canare BCP-D BNC connectors feature an elongated body for better finger grip and a unique position mark on the body allows the connector bayonet fit to be checked easily.

The BCP-D55UHD BNC connector is designed for Canare L-5.5CUHD coaxial to deliver a combination of superior cable pull strength you won't find with other connectors. Its gold plated center pins 'snaps' into place to ensure perfect alignment with connected video gear and patch panels. Easy assembly can be achieved using Canare Strip & Crimp Tools to make a perfect fit everytime.

Canare BCP-D55UHD 12G-SDI 4K UHD 75-Ohm Crimp Plug BNC Connector for Canare L-5.

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