• Eight serial digital outputs (SD-SDI)
  • One composite monitor output 
  • Reclocking and jitter reduction 
  • EDH monitoring and insertion 
  • User-definable alarms 
  • EQ warning circuit 
  • Local and remote control of module settings 
  • Passes embedded audio 


 The 5110 module is a digital reclocking distribution amplifier with EDH monitoring and insertion.Jitter reduction makes it perfect for all types of digital signal distribution.

Input EDH errors can be detected and reported and new EDH can be created and incorporated into the output data streams.Flags and CRCs are reported.From the Avenue Touch Screen interface, Avenue PC and from the web browser, EDH error counters can be read and reset to show the frequency of errors.

Module parameters, such as detected line standard, EDH processing options, and maximum input cable length, can be monitored and adjusted locally and remotely.Remote control is accessed via Avenue Panels and the Avenue PC Control Application.

Avenue 5110 SD-SDI Digital Reclocking DA with EDH Monitoring & Insertion

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