FIBERLC-1RX-12G - Overview

The AJA Video FIBERLC-1RX-12G is a frame sync fiber receiver option for their FS-HDR and FS4 frame synchronizers/converters. FS-HDR's SFP options include both 12G/6G-SDI HD-BNC and Fiber I/O options including single and dual channel Single-Mode options and Multi-Mode options, allowing great SDI flexibility and fiber cable runs of up to 6.21 miles (10 kilometers) to be connected directly to the FS-HDR without the need for separate fiber to SDI conversion.

AJA FIBERLC-1RX-12G 1-Channel 12G-SDI Single Mode LC Fiber Receiver SFP

  • Buyer can return this product within 30 days after purchase if it is found to be defective/non-functioning.  Buyer pays the shipping costs for the return.