9430 Specifications 


  • Number Eight
  • Signal Type HD Serial Digital 1.485 Gb/s
  • SMPTE 274M, 292M or 296M
  • HD Serial Digital 2.97 Gb/s
  • SMPTE 424M, 425M
  • SD Serial Digital 270 Mb/s SMPTE 259M
  • DVB-ASI at 270 Mb/s, SMPTE 310M, AES3id
  • Impedance 75Ω
  • Return Loss >15dB to 1.485 GHz

Built-in Signal Diagnostics

Circuitry on the 9430 module detects and measures key parameters associated with each video source. Synchronicity and timing, line and frame rate, embedded audio presence/absence, closed caption information, and time code data are displayed on the Avenue router hardware and software panels. Control panels provide the option of displaying abbreviated information as a thumbnail overlay, or more detailed information as a dedicated screen. 

Routing and Signal Processing in the Same Frame

The Avenue product line is comprised of dozens of modules that perform a wide variety of signal generation, processing, and conversion functions. The 3RU Avenue frame accepts up to 10 modules with redundant power and full remote control and monitoring capabilities.

A basic 8×2 Avenue router requires only a single slot in the Avenue frame, or the equivalent of 3/10 of a RU of space. A fully expanded router requires only three slots in the Avenue frame, leaving plenty of room for additional modules. The Avenue router is an excellent choice where space is at a premium and other signal processing and conversion functions are required.


The Avenue router occupies from one to three slots in any Avenue 3RU frame. The router is comprised of three different modules: the 9430 8×2 router module, the 9435 clean switch sub module, and the 9440 ten port expansion module. Power (redundant option available), video reference, and an interface to the Avenue control system is provided by the frame. 

While the dimensions of the base 9430 router module are fixed at 8 inputs by 2 outputs, the 9440 module provides ten additional ports, each of which is individually user configurable as either an input or an output. Up to two 9440 expansion modules may be added to the base 9430 module. A 9430 plus a single 9440 supports a total of 11 different configurations ranging in size from 18×2 to 8×12. A 9430 plus two 9440 modules supports a total of 21 different configurations from 28×2 to 8×22.

Ensemble Designs 9430 8x2 Flexible Matrix Router for 3G / HD / SD / ASI

SKU: ED9430
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