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Single-Link 12G Infrastructure, New World Symphony Installs FOR-A 4K/UHD Production Switcher

Routing Switchers, Signal Processors, Integrated Control Software, Multi-Viewer, Servers, Graphics Systems and Modular Universal System Frames Chosen for Upgrade

With its live WALLCAST® simulcasts and concert auditorium surrounded by an immersive projection system, the Miami-based New World Symphony (NWS) features unprecedented integration of technology into its educational, rehearsal, and performance spaces. The New World Symphony prepares graduates of top music schools for leadership roles in orchestras and ensembles around the world. It combines teaching and technical innovation in a way that brings classical music into the 21st century and makes the music accessible to everyone.

When the leaders of NWS were looking to upgrade the already top-of-the-line audio and video infrastructure within the New World Center, their Frank Gehry-designed campus three years ago, they were set on a single-link 12G infrastructure as the backbone for the overall upgrade. They met with Enlighten Digital and representatives from FOR-A to discuss our range of 12G 4K/UHD products.

After a highly competitive review, NWS went all in with FOR-A, purchasing: a 4K/UHD production switcher, two routing switchers, 19 signal processors, integrated control software, a multi-viewer, four 12G/SDI servers, two 12G graphics systems, and nine modular universal system frames.

Among the FOR-A products selected is the recently introduced 3 M/E HANABI HVS-6000 12G-SDI production switcher. Offering 12G-SDI capability on all inputs and outputs, the 3 M/E HANABI HVS-6000 uses a single cable link. Video signals are processed throughout as a single image. The HVS-6000 is a 12 RU switcher, with a maximum of 80 inputs/32 outputs or 64 inputs/48 outputs. It also offers frame synchronization, frame buffer, 3D DVE, and 4 keyers per M/E with DVE function + 4 DSKs. The switcher has an optional board-mounting SFP connector that supports an IP interface.

In addition to the HANABI main switcher panel, NWS is integrating a smaller 12-button HVS-2120ROU switcher panel into a remote control room for use with the main electronics for simultaneous use of the HANABI resources in multiple locations.

"We're thrilled to support the New World Symphony in its incredible mission to enrich the Miami community with its classical music offerings and the organization's progressive approach to the use of technology for education and performance," said Rodriguez of FOR-A. "Everything at the New World Center is first class. We're proud to be included with such high-end company. We're confident that our equipment will more than meet their expectations, and we look forward to providing New World Symphony with our latest technology for many years to come."

Rob Ross President of Enlighten Digital is often asked "Is this the largest project you have ever done?" which I answer "No but it seemed to have the most moving parts".  Being one of the largest, if not the largest, single wire 12G install in the US, we faced many challenges the that we too overcome in a compressed time frame.  The equipment and materials needed to completely build from scratch a 20-camera, 3-ME production facility was amazing.  The job used 35,000 feet of cable, thousands of connectors, hundreds of glue items and hundreds of man hours to complete.  "We are very proud of this installation and our partnership with FOR-A".

NWS presents approximately 70 performances each year, many of which include immersive projections and 12 of which are presented as live simulcasts on the 7,000 square foot exterior projection façade of its New World Center building (WALLCAST® Concerts). Inside, the concert auditorium also features a large complement of theatrical lighting, ten robotic 4K cameras and a full broadcast-style control booth, top-of-the-line audio recording and sound reinforcement equipment. Every practice space in the New World Center is wired with connections for video and audio, as well as connected by miles of fiber to support the school's robust distance learning program.

The following comprises the full FOR-A equipment rundown for NWS:

  • HVS-6000 video switcher with HVS-3355OUA and HVS-2120ROU

  • GearLink integrated control software

  • Insight 212 (12G-SDI) video server x 4

  • ClassX Pro 12G character generator x 2

  • MFR-6000 (144 x 144) routing switcher

  • MFR-3000 routing switcher

  • MV-4310 multi-viewer

  • FA-9600 signal processor x 18

  • USF-212AS universal system frame x 6


  • USF-106UDC-12G 12G-SDI 4K/HD up/down converter x 2

  • USF-106DC-12G 12G-SDI 4K to HD down converter x6

  • USF-1100VEA 10-output analog video distributor x 2

  • USF-105DDA-12G 12G-SDI 5-output digital video distributor x 5

  • USF-111DDA-12G 12G-SDI 11-output digital video distributor

  • USF-101MDX4-12G 12G-SDI 4K audio multiplexer/demultiplexer with 8 channels of AES I/O x 2

  • USF-101MDX8-12G 12G-SDI 4K audio multiplexer/demultiplexer with 16 channels of AES I/O x 2

  • USF-105DADA 5-output unbalanced digital audio distributor


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